Handheld Electromagnetic Field Radiation Tester Digital LCD EMF Meter Electromagnetic Radiation Tester with Backlight Flashlight

1. Electromagnetic Radiation DetectorsOne detector with two uses, it can test the electric field and the magnetic field radiation at the same time.
2. With warning light display function, when the red warning light is on, it means that the radiation is high, the yellow warning light is on, it means the radiation intensity is medium, and the green warning light is on, it means that the radiation is low.
3. Backlight, Data hold and clear LCD display, one-key can lock the radiation value and easily read the value.
4. The device has the function of detecting the ambient temperature (℃/℉).
5. With the flashlight function.
6. Radiation assessment can remind you whether the radiation value is safe.
7. Easy to use and operate, easy to move or for on-site measurements.
8. Electromagnetic radiation monitoring: household and appartment, office, outdoor and industrial site.
9. Electromagnetic radiation test: mobile phone, computer, TV set, refrigerator and high voltage cable radiation test.
10. Equipped with a built-in electromagnetic radiation sensor, which can display the radiation value on the clear LCD digital display after processing by control micro-chip.