EMF Blocker


This EMF Blocker will protect mobile phone from radiation, save mobile phone electricity, and it contains negative ion energy.

Product Function:

1.The use of special materials to absorb and transfer electromagnetic radiation wave, so as to reduce the damage of cell phone radiation to the human. brain.

2.Extend the standby time by 0.5-2 times.

3.Restore old rechargeable battery capacity and extend battery life.

Electromagnetic radiation has become the fourth source of pollution: with the progress of science and technology, the popularization and application of high-tech products such as computers have created material civilization for the society, but also brought people into an environment full of electromagnetic radiation. It is imperative to combat radiation hazards. 


1.The anti-radiation patch back tape peel, with glue paste near the antenna parts (paste this site can reduce the radiation rate in more than 90%), another method can be pasted on the mobile phone battery (paste it in such a way that can reduce the radiation rate from 60% to 70%, and can restore the battery capacity at the same time to extend the standby time, the characteristics of the double effect is used by most people).

2.When paste on the battery ,avoid the electrode.

3.Radiation protection patch can be cut according to the required size. Cutting does not affect the function of the product. But to paste on the battery must cover more than 70% of the battery area to play a good effect.

You can use it on your mobile phone, laptop, frigde, microwave, and every other device!