Mobile Gaming Accessories You Never Know

Mobile Gaming Accessories You Never Know

April 28, 2020

Are you one of the 1.36 billion mobile gamers in the world?

For many gamer, sitting down in front of the TV for three hours is an impossible luxury. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some outstanding game play. These mobile gaming devices you never know will help you make the most of your small-screen adventures. Since smartphones become increasingly well-equipped for gaming, many of us have become true mobile gamers. Whether you prefer PUBG or Clash of Clans, or mobile legends these must-have gadgets will improve your small-screen sessions.

Tired of getting killed easily in a PUBG game due to a sweaty and slippery screen?

If you play action and adventure games mainly, you should opt for a gaming trigger. The solution to your problem is buying one of the best PUBG mobile controllers for your phone to make winning stress-free and more exciting.
You can control everything fluently and without any issue. No matter whether you have a small iPhone or a big one, you can use a gaming trigger with any mobile. Sometimes it is challenging to control all the options when you have a small mobile because of the grip.
That issue might be resolved by installing a gaming trigger. This specific trigger is available in black for $29.99 CAD on Mobile Protect. Check the deal


Before smartphones dominated the world, there were analog offline games!

white Nintendo Game Boy

If you often play retro games, you should purchase a gaming case like this one. It doesn’t cost a lot, but it can make the game play more interesting.
You'd be a bit nostalgic for sure with this '80s & '90s themed FULLY FUNCTIONAL 
Game boy Retro Game iPhone Case!

Enlighten Your World with the new Game Boy Phone Case, these phone cases are an appealing and long-lasting solution for our Classic Game enthusiasts from the Early 90s. Thus in time, lowering your battery life, when you can start playing immediately with our Game Boy Cases. Our Cases provide fast load time and great video playback with Nintendo Type Graphics. Whether it's at school or in the car or whether you're bored at home, the Game-Boy Cases are the way to go.
Gameboy Soft Phone Case Cover For iPhone
This brilliant iPhone case adds a Gameboy lookalike to the back of your Apple device. Using the built-in controls and LCD screen, you can play classics such as Tetris, Formula One Racing and Super Mario Brothers.

Bring back the long-live memories in the moments when you are bored. Not only does it PROTECT your phone, but you can also SPEND ENDLESS HOURS PLAYING on it too!
If you played games on the video play console that was available almost a decade back, you would be happy to see this product since it has got a similar look to those consoles. Check the deal

Does anyone have experience using controllers with Mobile Legends?

There are tons of options online, but I am not sure how they work for ML. This wireless game pad controller with Bluetooth can be used to control the mobile games like Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor. Check Deal

Whatever the game you’re playing, you can do it much better using a real wheel.

This Game Wheel comes with a design that can be easily snapped on. The grip is firm and rubberized allowing you to corner effectively. It has been designed to offer a realistic experience while playing a racing game. Installation is simple and easy.

If you often play racing games on your iPhone, you will be happy to see this product. A game wheel can increase productivity while playing racing games. The same thing you can obtain if you purchase it from the Amazon website. It doesn’t cost a lot, but it can help you a lot. No matter whether you play something intense or casually, you can use this game wheel to attach your mobile and start playing whatever you want to play. The quality of this wheel is pretty good, and you should not have any problem even after using it roughly for a long time. On or website, this product costs around $22. Check the deal

Every mobile gamer's fear is to run out of battery, Now fear not!

Powerful charging stations that will keep the entire family happy

Now that you, your spouse, and kids are at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic it's likely you're all using your gadgets and devices more than ever. The adults in the house are working from home, the kids are doing their classwork online, and everyone is trying to stave off boredom. You need to be sure your devices are charged at all times. So you might want to look into getting a new charging station or two.
Fast Charging Wireless Charger Dock Station
Charge all of your Apple devices while you sleep with our Fast Charging Dock Stations. It’s perfect for nightstand charging so you can wake up to devices with plenty of juice.

Whether you’re a mobile gaming veteran or just getting started, these gadgets should improve your experience.

What’s your favorite mobile gaming accessory? Share your recommendations in the comments!